Slovakia Consul Zoltan Gombos Louisiana Consular Corps

Name, Title of Consul
Hon. Zoltan Gombos, MD, PhD,
Consul of Slovakia

100 Turtledove Trail
Lafayette, Louisiana 70508

Telephone 337-212-0028


Office Hours By appointment

Year Consulate Opened in Louisiana 2018

National Holiday September 1

Language Slovak

Currency Euro

Geographic Jurisdiction of Consulate Louisiana

Websites of Interest
The Embassy of the Slovak Republic, Washington D.C.
Guide to Slovakia

Country or Consulate’s Facebook
USA and Slovakia

Country or Consulate’s Twitter

Last Visit By An Official¬†April 29-30, 2018 –¬†Laszlo Solymos, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment of Slovak Republic.¬†HE Peter Kmec, Ambassador of Slovak Republic in the United States.