Name, Title of Consul
Hon. Jean Paul Lagarde, Honorary Consul of Austria

3509 Annunciation Street, New Orleans, LA 70115


Telephone (504) 374-1299

Office Hours 9:00 am ‚Äď 4:00 pm, by appointment

Year Consulate Opened in Louisiana 1841

National Holiday October 26

Language German

Currency Euro

Geographic Jurisdiction of Consulate Louisiana & Mississippi

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Embassy of Austria, Washington D.C.

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Government and Legal Information

Tourism and Cultural Information

  • The official travel guide by the Austrian National Tourist Office, featuring information on destinations, activities, events, and travel tips in Austria‚Äč‚Äč.
  • Austrian Cultural Forum New York: Promotes cultural exchange between Austria and the USA, offering information on Austrian art, music, literature, and events in the US Austrian Cultural Forum New York.

Trade and Investment

  • Advantage Austria: Provides information on doing business in and with Austria, including trade fairs, market opportunities, and industry insights Advantage Austria.
  • Open Austria: An organization with a mission to connect Austria and Silicon Valley in the fields of Business, technology, investment, tech diplomacy and the arts. The organization highlights the creative and innovative potential of Austria Open Austria.

Health and Safety

  • Austrian Health Ministry: For health-related policies, public health advisories, and healthcare system information Austrian Health Ministry.


  • University of New Orleans ‚Äď Center Austria: The Austrian Marshall Plan Center for European Studies is the premier research center in the Gulf South focusing on the history, politics, and societies of Austria and Europe Center Austria.
  • The University of Innsbruck: Founded in 1669 and located in the heart of the Alps, the University of Innsbruck is the most important research and educational institute in Western Austria, offering a wide range of programs across all disciplines University of Innsbruck.

Social Media Accounts of Interest:

Embassy of Austria in Washington D.C.

Austrian National Tourist Office

Advantage Austria (WKO)

Austrian Cultural Forum New York

Open Austria

Center Austria at the University of New Orleans

University of Innsbruck